Saturday, February 7, 2015

Knitting Fail

Rookie knitting fail!

This is why a knitter should never set their knitting down & go off to do a bit of housework.

#todayonmyneedles   #KnittingFail

See the white bit of yarn stretched oddly from one needle to another?  Notice how it's attached to both needles?  Argh!  I knit across one needle, set the sock down, went off to load yet another load of laundry into the washer, came back, picked up the knitting & started knitting on the wrong needle.

This poor sock seems doomed!  The first sock went so well.  Granted, I started the first sock last summer & it sat lonely & ignored in the UFO pile for month after month, but once I picked it back up & started knitting on it again, the first sock was a breeze.  I immediately cast on the second sock & patted myself on the back for not suffering from Second Sock Syndrome.  And then, knitting fail after knitting fail.  Oh well.  It's not like I'm on a deadline.  And this Felici yarn is happy to be ripped & reknit.  And, despite all the problems with this second sock, I have rounded the heel and am heading down the foot towards the toes.


  1. I am just impressed that you can actually knit a sock. Especially when it looks like more than one set of needles is involved. (And I guess this means the family has to do their own chores when you are knitting socks!)

    1. I think we need to implement a new rule - Momma doesn't do housework! Socks really aren't difficult. The extra needles are a bit fiddly when you first start out but it's still just using 2 needles at a time.