Friday, February 20, 2015

Fiber Friday - Cascade Quatro

Can you guess what I'm knitting now?

Cascade Quatro

The yarn is Cascade Quatro and it's been in my stash pile for several years.  I remember buying it for a specific project, but I don't remember what the project was and obviously, I never knit it.  But, I needed turquoise for a special project and there it was, waiting patiently in my stash.  Yay for big, patient stash piles!

Since the yarn has been hanging around my house for quite a while, I wasn't sure if it was still on the market, but a quick Google search found it stocked at Webs and it's even on sale, almost half priced!  I should probably go order some more.  Wouldn't want the stash pile to get too low.

I'm enjoying knitting with the Quatro.  It's a nice firm but squishy worsted weight with good stitch definition.  This particular project doesn't have a lot of stitch patterning going on in it, but I think the yarn would make beautiful cables.  I'm pretty sure I'll have enough left over from this project to knit a hat so you can probably guess what the next project will be.  I'm also loving the turquoise color.  It's warm tropical water color and that is The perfect color to be knitting with at the moment. Did I mention it's 4 degrees outside?  Four.  This yarn's color is about the only thing saving my sanity.


  1. Cascade is a dream to knit with! Looks like you've got a cuff started, so must be either mittens or socks. I'd go with socks -- mittens are for wearing outdoors, but socks are for getting cozy indoors!

  2. Love the color and hope-hope-hoping that it is for flip-top mittens!!!