Saturday, January 17, 2015

The Birds

I feel like I'm in an Alfred Hitchcock movie.  The birds descended upon us this morning.

Okay, so that photo isn't all that impressive.  But all those little black blobs are birds and that is only a 100th of the number of birds that landed in our trees this morning while I was making coffee.  There were so many birds, even the dogs seemed intimidated and one of their favorite activities is barking at birds.  Instead of barking, they both just stood on the deck staring.  The noise was incredible, in fact, you probably heard them at your house.


 #todayonmyneedles 01/17/15

Not much visual progress has been made.  Yesterday was spent running errands & hanging with my kiddos.  I'd totally forgotten that yesterday was my son's first official vacation day.  He's worked full time for two years & it's the first time he's taken real vacation days.  He chauffeured Sarah & I around all afternoon then took us to dinner.  It's hard for me to remember that my baby isn't a baby anymore, but it sure is nice having a grown up son with a job who can, and does, take his mamma & sister out to dinner (at a real restaurant, not a fast-food place) occasionally.

But back to knitting.....  I got six or seven rows knit and only have four or five more to go before the lace stops, the yarn changes and visual progress begins to be made.  And those dammed extra beads go away.  I am SO ready for those extra beads to be gone.

And just because we haven't seen the sun in so long...

One more picture of the birds.  Or more importantly, the blue sky.  I can't remember the last sunny, clear blue sky day we had.  I think Mother Nature has been confusing Washington DC with the state of Washington.

Happy weekend & I hope you are experiencing sunny, blue skies as well.

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  1. Enjoy your blue sky. Here, we've got grey. Again.

    And congrats to Zach on being a real, honest-to-goodness grownup with a paid vacation and everything. I wish my boss gave ME a paid vacation!