Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Technically, it's off my needles, but #todayonmyneedles...

A free Ravelry pattern, Lagoa knit on US4 needles with Knit Picks Palette in Indigo Heather & Stroll Fingering in Lullaby.  It was a breeze to knit, a bitch to block.  It's got 210 beads on the cast on edge & each of those blasted 210 beads needed to be pinned out.  I thought I was going to run out of pins & have to start using toothpicks.  I know I spent at least eight days pinning it down.  It would have been SO much easier if I had a set of flexible blocking wires.  I'd pin and pin and pin & look back & see an uneven curve.  I'd go back, re-pin, pin some more and some more and some more.  I'd look back & see an uneven curve. I'd go back, re-pin, pin some more and....  Well, you get the picture.

And now, looking at the picture, I'm seeing about 50 places where I need to go fix the pins.  I swear it was nice and evenly curved before I got out the camera.

Meanwhile....  Zack went to the hand specialist yesterday.  Super nice guy, except I wish he hadn't explained the break quite as well as he did.  Apparently, the accident Zack suffered, with his thumb being crushed between one stationary bowling ball & one extremely fast moving bowling ball correlates exactly, as far as impact goes, with a human being smashed between a stationary tractor trailer and another tractor trailer moving at 60 miles per hour.  I can't quite get that visual out of my mind now.  Thanks, doc!  The good news, however, is that Zack should regain full use of his thumb after four weeks of three times a week physical therapy.  Good Lord!

And, to add just a bit of excitement to our lives, remember when the front end of Zack's truck was missing the engine & looked like this?

Well, the back end now looks like this.

The fuel pump died and apparently, it's easier to take the whole truck bed off & replace the pump from above than from below.  And, as luck would have it, the new fuel pump was a bad one.  Good Lord.  Apparently it's a very common thing for fuel pumps to be bad right out of the box.  It must be true because this is the third time it's happened to us.  Third!  Good grief!

Okay, well, I'm off to go shop for flexible blocking wires & to look for mohair scarf/shawl patterns on Ravelry.  Some mohair magically showed up in my mailbox recently and last night I had nightmares about knitting with it during the hot, humid, summer months.  That's one dream that I refuse to allow to come true.


  1. Golly you must have the patience of Job. Knitting all those beads in there (I really don't understand how) and then all the pinning and re-pinning and re-pinning AGAIN! I can tell that you LOVE to knit. I'd have set the whole thing on fire by now.

    And then poor Zack. As if the broken thumb's not enough then the bad fuel pump and then THREE bad fuel pumps? THREE!? You and Zack have my best wishes for nothing but GOOD luck at least for a good while. --Stuart

  2. Thanks! My poor husband does a lot of car repairs, mainly because our youngest car has 187,000 miles on it. We firmly believe in driving them until they rust away to nothing.