Friday, January 16, 2015


I seem to have a purple fetish going on.

#todayonmyneedles 01-16-15

Wow!  I just can't get over how red that bottom piece looks on my screen.  It's really not that red.

Anyway....  The Make Believe cowl has become my project to knit on while I'm reading emails and I've started something new.  The new project is Lagoa from Ravelry.  It's a beaded scarf (they call it a shawl) and I'm either going to love it or hate it.  It's a very simple knit, or at least it should be.  I miscounted the beads when first stringing them & I ended up with almost 50 extra beads on the yarn.  And that means, I'm having to push those 50 beads along the length of the yarn as I knit.  It's Quite annoying.  I could cut the yarn, remove the beads & re-attach the yarn but with the open lace work, I think the join might show so I'll just keep shoving beads down the yarn as I go.  The other glitch is that there's a double decrease every other row that throws off the stitch count leading up to the decrease.  The pattern doesn't mention the stitch count being off every few rows so I'm just making it up as I go.  I noticed in the photos on Ravelry that some people's Lagoa looked like a triangle and some were curved.  I think that probably has something to do with how you handle the stitch count problem.  I just hope that the way I'm handling it creates a curve, not a point.

Meanwhile, I'm wishing my favorite sister a very happy birthday and sending out hugs & positive vibes to a dear friend and her family who are experiencing their own struggles at the moment.  It's times like this I wish I had a magic wand so that I could reduce their problems down to having too many beads.

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