Monday, January 5, 2015

OTN 1/5/15


The ribbed hat is progressing & I started a lacy scarf.

The scarf is being knit from more Knit Picks yarn I found in the stash pile.  The yarn is Shadow in the Queen Anne Tonal color way.  I absolutely love the mixture of peachy tones with just a hint of yellow thrown in.  Except, I swear I can smell peaches while I knit with it.  I'm using a #6 needle and the pattern is a modified Crest of the Wave that's looking more like Feather & Fan than Crest of the Wave.  Basically, it's Crest of the Wave without the solid knit rows.

I'll probably be able to use today's #todayonmyneedles picture again tomorrow.  I won't have much time to knit today because, wait for it.... I'm finally leaving the house!!  I can't believe how excited I am over the concept of dropping stuff off at GoodWill and picking up books from the library. But, I have my car back.  Zack has had my car for a week or so while his truck got various repairs done.  I can't wait to see what music he's left for me in the disc player.  Also, I'm feeling better.  I can stand up for five minutes now without keeling over instead of thinking I'm going to die after only three minutes.  The congestion is finally beginning to disburse & taking a step no longer sends me into 20 minute coughing & choking attacks.

Hope you have a happy, healthy Monday!

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