Saturday, January 3, 2015

OTN 1/3/15

It's a good thing for the #todayonmyneedles challenge because there is nothing going on in my life to talk about these days.  I'm not even sure I've left my house since Christmas day.  No, that's not true, there was the fateful visit to Patient First on 12/26.  But I really don't think I've been out since then.  I caught some kind of creeping crud cold illness & have been mildly whiney & miserable since.  Now, I'm at the stage where I have bursts of energy that last for about three minutes & leave me breathless.  I think it's partly to the lingering cold and partly because my house has become so gross with accumulated dog hair & dust.  I feel like I'd feel a lot better if I could get the all of the house clean at one time but it's hard to do in three minute increments.

And it's cloudy, cold & rainy.  Again.

And I'm exhausted from jumping up to look out the window.  I'm waiting on a yarn delivery so every little noise I hear outside gets me excited.  And I'm pretty sure our neighbors are drug dealers.    They moved in last summer & appear to be normal, english speaking Americans but they don't speak.  We see them out in the yard, we wave or shout hello & they turn their backs.  They also have cars pulling in & out of their driveway every 15 minutes all day & night.  And since their driveway is only a few feet from ours, their coming & going sounds like yarn deliveries being made.

So yeah, I'm whiney & a tad bit miserable.

So, I could help myself by getting up & cleaning something.  Or, I could watch another episode of Gilmore Girls & knit a while.

And yes, I've started watching Gilmore Girls.  Lord help me!  I actually love it!  It ranks right up there with Buffy for wit & sarcasm.

So, what's your secret guilty pleasure TV show?  Come on, share!  I know you have one.

Oops.  Almost forgot to post the #todayonmyneedles picture.

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