Sunday, January 18, 2015

OTN 01/18/15

I was so busy sleeping through this Very rainy day, I almost forgot to post a #todayonmyneedles picture.

Granted, it's a very bad, out of focus, taken in the dark with my stupid phone (it's definitely not a smart phone) photo...

While the yarns were skeined, I loved the multi-color and the solid purple together.  They were the perfect combo.  But now that I'm knitting them side by side, I'm not so sure.  The solid purple is no where near the same purple that's in the variegated yarn.  The beads may not have been the best choice either.  Oh well.  It's an easy to knit project that I could easily knit a second time.  With one caveat   If there's a next time, I will make sure I do a better job of counting the beads.

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