Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Going Minimalist

Don't laugh. Okay, what the heck - go ahead and laugh. Laugh so hard you roll around on the floor, spraying coffee out your nose.

I've decided to become a minimalist.

I know, I know.  I'm laughing too.  Except remember this?

I've put away and put away & thrown away & put away some more.  And it still pretty much looks like that.  The whole house looks like that.  There seems to be no end to the junk I own and I'm sick of it.

I spent yesterday de-junking the kitchen.  I can't say that I created a lot of counter space but I did get rid of a rolling shelf that stuck out into the room & drove me insane.  Granted, we will have to start meal preparation an hour earlier than normal to allow time to find the needed pots & pans but that annoying shelf thing is gone.

In an attempt to de-clutter the craft room, I decided to knit another ribbed hat.

#todayonmyneedles 01/07/15

It's an easy, quick to knit pattern & will use up some left over yarn that was in the stash pile.  See?  I'm multitasking.  I'm knitting And de-cluttering.  And if you look closely at the photo, you'll notice a lot of empty, uncluttered desk space off to the rear left.  Empty desk space!  Okay, so there's like four inches of empty desk space but hey, empty space is empty space.

I am such a good minimalist!


  1. I love how you declutter....knit more stuff! Good luck with the efforts toward minimalism and don't forget to start cooking early today.

  2. Oh Jeannie, I am so much in the same boat.