Friday, January 30, 2015

Fiber Friday - Spark Story

Have you noticed that I've been in a yarn rut for a while?  As in the last five or ten years?  I find a yarn that I like and I knit with it over and over and over again.  I find comfort in knowing what to expect from a yarn.  Part of me likes being in the rut.  It's pretty comfy down in there.  Except that it can be boring and when the rut gets too deep, it's difficult to see the surrounding scenery.

So, in an effort to force myself out of the rut, my plan is to introduce a new (to me, at least) yarn each Friday.  Or at least, most Fridays.  Thus, Fiber Friday.

Today, for the first ever Fiber Friday, I'm looking at a yarn from Spark Story.

A week or two ago, I stumbled across a picture of a gorgeous brown bark colored yarn from Spark Story and instantly fell in love.  I immediately went to the shop to place an order.  The only problem was, once I saw all the choices, I couldn't decide.  I wanted every single yarn offered.  There were a zillion different  browns to choose from.  One looked like sand.  There was a beachy looking yarn.  There were greens, blues, yellows, purples and did I mention all the browns?  I literally couldn't decide.  So, I picked Stained Glass.  It was sort of a clown barf mixture of all the colors.

The yarn arrived super quick and isn't the least bit clown barfy.  Instead of having a mixture of color on creamy white yarn (which is what normally gives clown barf it's barfy appearance,) it's actually a heathered gray.  The gray tones down all the other colors and mutes them so there's no clown barf in sight.  And I love it!

The yarn feels great in my hands and while it looks like a very thin fingering weight, it's somewhat squishy and knits up thicker than it looks.

#todayonmyneedles 01/29/15

And the frequent color changes will make knitting a plain stockinette sock much more enjoyable.  Have I mentioned how much I love this yarn?  Thank goodness Spark Story has so many lovely colors to choose from.  I have the feeling I'm going to be buying more.  Did I mention they have yarn that's a bark color?  And one that's a sandy tan?  And a beachy ocean water blue?  And several yellows, and purples, and greens and blues, and even more browns?  Oh, I'm in trouble!


  1. So, if there such a thing as Yarnaholics Anonymous? Sounds like you may have a problem. (I suspect that you only knit as an excuse to buy more beautiful yarn!)