Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dry hands?

Oh my gosh!  Santa and the folks at Sweet Sheep are my new favorite people.  Why?  Because Santa brought me a solid lotion bar from Sweet Sheep.

I heard about Sweet Sheep lotion bars from another knitter and decided to give it a try, although I had my doubts.  I'd tried solid lotion bars before & had never been happy with the stickiness they left on my hands.  I also have this weird reaction to many lotions made from natural or healthy ingredients.  It seems that the better the lotion is for you, the worse my skin reacts.  I'll find a new lotion & use it for a few days & be happy.  Then on day three, four or five, I wake up to discover that my fingertip skin is literally peeling off my fingers.  It will look like I have 1,000 paper cuts all over my fingertips & around my nail beds.  Oh, and have I mentioned the face reaction?  I have THE World's most sensitive facial skin.  Everything, and I do mean everything, like 99.99% of every thing in the world, upsets my facial skin.  Makeup, face lotions, shampoos... even the ones made specially for sensitive skin upset my skin & cause breakouts & weird splotchy red patches.  And apparently, when I sleep, I lay on my side and tuck my hands, sort of prayer-style, between my face and the pillow.  And that means, my hand lotion affects my face.

Anyway, so it was just a few days before Christmas and I was in that pre-Christmas, 'gotta buy a bunch of junk to stuff the stockings with' shopping craze & I stumbled across a link to Sweet Shop.  It took a while to place my order because I couldn't decide which scent to buy.  I wanted them all.  I finally decided on Pumpkin Spice because, well, it was less expensive than the other scents.  Why spend a bunch of money on something that was going to cause my fingers to bleed & my face to look like I'd been through radiation testing, right?

So, the lotion arrives in plenty of time to make it onto Santa's sleigh.  I was a good girl & didn't open the lotion before tossing it into my stocking.  (And yes, it's silly to have to stuff my own stocking but it does mean that I get some really cool, and sometimes expensive, knitting tools while the rest of the family gets candy & weird junk that breaks before New Years.)

Christmas morning rolls around & I excitedly dig into my stocking.  I pull out my lotion & hmmm, it really doesn't have much smell at all.  That's disappointing.  I rub it on my hands and Wow!  There's the smell.  It smells Fantastic!  But it's awfully strong.  Everything I eat for the next three days is going to taste like Pumpkin Spice lotion bar.  And then magic happened.  The super strong scent disappeared as the lotion absorbed into my skin.  A few minutes later, I could only smell Pumpkin Spice on my hands if I sniffed super hard and sort of imagined the scent.  And my hands felt great!

I must have used the lotion bar 1,000 times over the next few days.  (Remember the trip to Patient First?  There was a LOT of hand washing & sanitizing that went on that day and after each washing/sanitizing, I applied more lotion.)  At the rate I was going, I expected the lotion bar would be completely used up and my finger tips left a bloody pulp within a week.  But here it is, January 6th, I have used the lotion multiple times every single day, the lotion bar still looks brand new, and my fingers are fine!  Fine!  In fact, they are better!  My hands not only feel better, they look better.  My finger nails seem to have smoothed out & are shinier.  There is not a single fleck of peeling skin.  No facial reaction.  And my food doesn't taste like Pumpkin Spice.  The only result is happier, healthier hands.

The only problem with Sweet Sheep lotion?  I really do want them all.  All the scents.  All of them.  I mean, how am I supposed to choose between Winter Wonderland and Jingleberry?  Down by the Bay & Crisp Pear? Black tea & Lemon Cake?  How, I ask you, how?  Good Lord.  I have the feeling my lotion stash is about to rival my yarn stash.

Meanwhile.... #todayonmyneedles (Boy!  That's hard to type without putting spaces between the words.  Guess that's the old dictation taking secretary coming out in me.)

Okay, so it's not officially on the needles anymore.  I finished it last night.  Just a simple 3x2 ribbed hat knit from Wool of the Andes Mineral Heather.  I absolutely LOVE this color.  It's not showing up well in the picture, but it's a muted purple with flecks of pink & blueish green.  Yes, that sounds horrid, but it's gorgeous!  It's also not too girly or too manly.  I love it and am feeling the urge to buy more so I can knit myself a scarf and some mittens, maybe a sweater .... and I should probably have a cowl too.

If you smell something burning, it's just my debit card.

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