Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Top Five Procrastination Tips

Five?  Forget five.  If you take your procrastination seriously, you only need one.

After finishing the cat ear hat & the fiasco that is currently my life where the gray & white baby blanket is concerned, I was having trouble deciding which Christmas Panic knitting project I should start next.  So,

I decided to rearrange the furniture.

Mike had brought home one of those desk top things that fits over two filing cabinets.  For unknown reasons, I've always wanted one of those desks.  Now I was going to have one.  Never mind it meant switching file cabinets with Mike and loosing an entire drawer.  Never mind that the table I was using as a desk seems to have grown 3 feet wider in each direction & no longer sits quietly in the middle of the room waiting for someone to come craft on it like it used to.  Never mind that in the process of moving things around, I made such a mess the vacuum cleaner wouldn't fit into the room.  Never mind that I had to move furniture in order to make space to vacuum.  Never mind that it took me over an hour to find my phone in the mess.  Never mind that all the boxes of Christmas decorations were already cluttering up floor space.  Never mind that I tried to move a table with my full coffee cup sitting on it.  Notice the word "tried" in that sentence.  Never mind that I had to move even more furniture in order to mop up the spilt coffee.  Never mind that the next day, the room still looks pretty much like it does in that photo & I have totally lost the urge to rearrange.  Never mind that I don't really like the new desk format.  It's got a much smaller surface area and the pencil drawer hangs down & prevents me from crossing my legs.  Can't even comfortably cross my ankles.  Never mind that I'm throwing myself a giant pity party and have decided to knit Christmas gift mittens instead of cleaning up my huge, giant mess.

So, whether you are looking for an excuse to procrastinate or motivation not to procrastinate, rearrange the furniture.  Preferably after bringing in an additional piece of large furniture.  And make sure that in the rearranging, you have to trade furniture "ownership" with someone.  Trading dressers or closets would work if you don't have file cabinets.  And that folks, is the only procrastination tip you need.


  1. I so want to come in there and straighten up. Wish we lived closer. Tidying up your mess would be MY form of procrastination!