Monday, December 15, 2014

OTN - 12/15/14 - Fingerless Whatevers

Once again, the Christmas Panic knitting is moving along at a snails pace.

Another pair of fingerless gloves/ fingerless mitts/ wrist/hand warmers are complete.  They were supposed to be solid black but I ran out of yarn & had to get creative.  Actually, I sort of like the two-toned look.

And I'm making progress on third & final pair.  One down, the second has been cast on & a few rounds knit.  If you notice the size difference, the red pair are supposed to be smaller, for girl with normal sized girl hands.  The black ones are for a man-boy with normal sized man hands.  The hand model itself has a normal man-sized palm with very long & delicate fingers.  Before becoming a glove model, The Hand was apparently a pianist.

So, what do you call those?  For  some unknown reason "mitts" sort of makes my skin crawl.  But they aren't mittens, nor are they gloves.  They do warm your wrists, but they also warm your hands. And "hand warmers," to me at least, are those packages of chemical that you put in your pocket after whacking them to mix the chemicals that create the warmth.  So, what do you call them?

And because someone asked & I don't mind laughing at myself,

Our big Christmas light display.  Sorry for the blur.  I should have used a tripod but didn't.  As dark as it was outside, it took what felt like 15 minutes for the camera to actually take the photo and I've never been known for my ability to stand still.

Anyway, there's a picture of my big icicle lights adventure.  Normally the men in the family are in charge of the outdoor lighting but neither of them had time this year.  I got tired of waiting, threatened to do it myself and well, I lost that battle & had to actually do it myself.  Have I mentioned that I don't do ladders?  I stand on a one-step up step stool and get dizzy.  So there I was, up on a 10 foot ladder with a bad case of plumber's pants & my sweat shirt riding up around my arm pits cussing & practically gagging from being so high up in the air.  I think I owe the neighbors an extra plate of cookies this year.

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  1. Looks just great to me. Sorry you had to hang 'em yourself.