Saturday, December 6, 2014

Dogs Rule!

Dammit!  I knew there was a reason dogs rule & cats don't.

See the problem?  And  yes, of course I knit that pink ear in intarsia, not duplicate stitch.  And yes, this is the second ear attempt because the first attempt was WAY off center, like, sticking out of the back of its head off center.  Argh!

I am obviously not loving this free pattern I got off Ravelry.  The hat part was simple but those damn ears....  It seems the pattern is simply the designer's design notes typed up and not an actual pattern.  The pattern would probably make perfect sense after someone had knitted the hat correctly but as for being understandable instructions for panicked Christmas knitting, not so much.

If ear attempt #3 goes as poorly, I'm tossing the whole project & buying a cheap acrylic Hello Kitty hat from Walmart.

No I won't, because I'm never stepping foot in Walmart ever again.  But the Great Niece won't be getting a cat hat for Christmas either.

1 comment:

  1. Tell her that the cat is angry and has her/his ear pinned back and is hissing. I'm sure she'll buy that..... ;-)