Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Birthday Cookies

In honor of my daughter's upcoming 18th birthday, I'm remembering her birth day.

She didn't seem too pleased to come into this world.  She yelled & screamed & caused all kinds of ruckus for what seemed like years but we loved her anyway.  Zack loved her extra because he got a cookie.

Sarah's birth was actually kinda fun.  Once we got to the hospital, that is.  It was a planned c-section & we were late arriving because my dear, sweet husband couldn't decide which pants to wear.  Seriously!  We finally got to the hospital & they got me strapped down on the table & a nice sedative running through my veins to keep me from taking a scalpel to my spouse.  They even got Mike calmed enough to hang out in the operating room with me.  He'd had a bad time with Zack's emergency c-section & had seen way more of my insides than any spouse should ever have to see.

It turned out to be quite the party atmosphere in the operating room.  Besides Mike & I, the doctor, several nurses and the anesthesiologist, there were also a bunch of medical students watching the show.  Part of what made it fun was that Mike didn't know what we were having.  I knew Sarah was going to be a girl but he'd chosen not to find out her sex.  Being the wicked wife that I am, I told him we were having twins & had purposely referred to Sarah at different times as a boy, a girl & "the twins".  To make the lie more believable, I was big enough to be having triplets.  By the end there, Mike was getting pretty nervous that we really might be having twins.  Honestly, I was starting to worry that karma might be playing a mean trick on me for lying.

To add to the party atmosphere, the anesthesiologist turned out to be The coolest doctor ever!  He had a fantastic sense of humor & he, Mike & I giggled over what we could do with the placenta.  You see, we'd had to sign a form saying that we didn't want to take the placenta home with us.  It had never occurred to Mike & I that that would even be a choice & were rather grossed out by the idea.  Anyway, we got to giggling with the anesthesiologist about all the wonderful things that could be done with a placenta, mainly that it made great catfish bait.  It was probably one of those 'you had to be there' moments but believe me, Mike & I were laughing so hard we had tears streaming down our faces & even the medical students, who were supposed to be seen but not heard were giggling.  In the middle of the giggle fest, the anesthesiologist suddenly said, in a panicked sort of voice, "Hand me your camera.  NOW!" And he started snapping pictures.  We are now the proud owners of the coolest photos of Sarah being pulled out of my stomach.  I won't show them here because the scene was a bit bloody & not everyone wants to see someone else's bloody guts, literally, but let me just say, those photos are the coolest!

So, for my thankful thing of the day, I'd like to send a big, giant THANK YOU! out to every medical professional who has ever helped me or mine.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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