Friday, November 14, 2014

OTN 11-13-2014 & Thank you blog readers

I'm making progress.  And, gosh!  It feels good to say that.

The Eclipse wrap is done.  Finished.  Ends woven in & ready to wear.  I didn't bother to block it because, well, frankly, it didn't need it.  Remember how I was struggling with the decision of how to finish it because of the goof I'd made on the first stripe section?  I decided to just be done with it.  The scarf is supposed to be more of a shawl type wrap but I'm so freakishly tall that in order for it to be large enough to cover enough of me to actually call it a wrap, I'd have needed another full green stripe plus the missing section from that first stripe.  There wasn't enough yarn to knit an extra stripe and besides, it will get more use as a scarf anyway.  So, it's a scarf, not a wrap.  And I love it.

Now that Eclipse is done, I've returned to the Hen socks.

The yarn is not quite DK weight but certainly heavier than fingering so the sock is growing pretty quickly.  It helped that I had a killer headache yesterday that left me with blurry vision & slightly nauseous.  Great excuse to sit in the corner & mindlessly knit all day.

The other thing I did was to fix my yarn bowl.

I dropped it.

Yay for Super Glue!  Double yay for finding Super Glue on Target's dollar rack!

Yay for a fixed bowl!  Except, dammit!  That slight gap in the pieces is just enough of a gap to cause the slot where the yarn goes through to close up.  Dammit!  Dammit!  Dammit!  A true lace weight yarn may fit through the resulting slot but the almost DK weight of the Hen socks' yarn won't.  Double dammit!

Oh well, she'll make a fine candy bowl/votive candle holder.

In continuation of showing my gratitude during the month of November, I'd like to pass on a little of that gratitude to you, dear reader.  You'll never know how much it means to me that you take the time out of your busy day to read my blatherings.  So thank you.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  Thank you for your kind comments.  Thank you for your support and I even thank you for the occasional kick in the butt when a good swift kick is needed.  To show my appreciation, I'm offering each of you an opportunity to take 25% off anything you purchase from my Etsy shop between now and November 30, 2014.  Just use coupon code BlogFan2014 to receive the discount.  Enjoy, and once again, thank you! 


  1. Never heard of a yarn bowl - learn something new every day. (My dad always told me I had to stay in school every day until I learned something new. It's not even 8am here on the west coast, so does that mean that I am excused from school today?!)

    I love reading your blogs. Not sure how you have time to write, read, knit, and occasionally feed your family as well - you are a super woman Jeannie!

    1. I quit feeding the family. Life is much simpler now. It's even helped the grocery budget. Just don't ask how the gas budget is doing. We all eat dinner on the fly at the local gas station these days.