Monday, November 10, 2014

Don't leaf the lights on

I'm making a public apology for all the times I've yelled at my daughter recently for leaving her bedroom light on when in fact, she hasn't.   The tree outside her window has such bright yellow leaves that it's glowing & lighting up her room.  From the hallway, it looks just like she's left the light on.

Meanwhile, the Eclipse knitting continues.  I hesitate to say it because it's a guaranteed jinx, but... it's almost finished.  Only a few more rows to go.  Well, maybe a few more than "a few" but I've reached the home stretch and the end is in sight.  It's taken a lot longer to knit than I expected. I think November's blogging every day thing has cut into my knitting time much more than I thought possible.  Or maybe it's because two new books have shown up in the mail this week.  Or perhaps I have been busy doing a summer's worth of laundry & housework instead of knitting while I was at work.  Whatever the reason, what I thought would take one week has now passed the three week mark.  It's starting to seriously cut into my budgeted Christmas knitting time.  Maybe I should skip the housework from now on.

But speaking of daily blogging in November.... Today I am oh, so very thankful for all my Etsy shop customers.  You'll never know how much I appreciate your patronage & kind words.  Thank you, all!

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