Friday, October 3, 2014

State Fair, 2014

My daughter & I had a good time at the State Fair.  The weather was cooperative & there were lots of things to see & do.

The baby duck slide is always a popular attraction.

I'm not sure if this guy was a pigeon or a dove, but I was fascinated with his long legs & big, poofed out chest.

I'm officially in love with the colors in this chicken.  Browns, golds and blues.  I must find yarn to match!  I MUST!

A rattlesnake handler.  The guy had four or five Rubbermaid tubs full of rattlesnakes & while handling them, he'd let them crawl along his handling stick to within just a few inches of his hand before he'd rearrange them.  Ugh!  Gives me the willies just to type about it.

The goats were playing king of the mountain.  I like the way that chicken is peeking into the photo.  I didn't notice it there when I took the photo.

My woolly friend.  This particular sheep was very friendly.  He came right over to us as soon as we stepped near his pen & he licked & nibbled my fingers while we admired him & his friends.

I was a disappointed with the lack of knitting displayed but I loved this basket.  I'm not sure what the display was for exactly, but who wouldn't love a basket with an in-progress sweater & yarn, a bottle of vodka & a giant container of headache pills.  I know I could have used that basket when I got home from the fair!  Yesterday's comment about hoping I didn't jinx the scarf....  Well, you know how that went.  I spent over two hours last night knitting & tinking four rows on that blasted scarf.  I desperately needed vodka & a giant bottle of Excedrin.

Of course the fair offered tons of fried foods.  I didn't try any deep fried Kool-Aid or a Krispy Creme burger or sloppy joe, but I could have.

And of course, the lights.  I absolutely love the lights at the fair.

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