Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How to read a knitting pattern

When a pattern tells you how to knit the first 43 rows then tells you to repeat rows 10 through 43, it means to actually knit rows 10 through 43 a second time.  Apparently, that's a hard concept for me to understand.

That first section of green should be twice as wide.  Crud!  But, I think it can be easily salvaged without frogging.  I will simply (hopefully) follow the directions as written until the last green stripe & make it a narrow stripe to match the first.  It will make the wrap slightly smaller but I think it will be okay.

So, a total topic change....  How do you feel about the changing seasons?  Personally, I'd be happiest if our seasons changed every two weeks or so.  I have a very short attention span & get bored easily.  Based on this, apparently Virginia is The perfect place for me to live.  Yesterday it was supposed to hit 82 degrees, although I only saw 79 on my thermometer.  This coming Saturday night, it's supposed to snow.

Minnie & Max are plotting their favorite evil "it's snowing!" tactics such as getting as snow covered and maybe even wet & muddy as possible then coming inside and flopping down on the couch and bed.  My bed, not theirs.

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  1. So, based on the info regarding following directions and your self-described ADD, do you need a knitting pattern with LOTS of changes throughout to keep you occupied? But then when would you read or watch reruns of Buffy?