Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall Fiber Fest

As if candy corn, lower humidity & leaves changing colors weren't enough reasons to love fall, there's another, even bigger reason.  Even bigger than candy corn!  It's the Montpelier Fall Fiber Festival.

Despite showing up wearing an acrylic, GoodWill sweater & not a single stitch of hand knitting on my person (I blame that on total lack of sleep,) it was a huge success this year.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  I don't think I've ever been to a fiber festival in good weather before.  When I think back, it's always been 98 degrees with 400% humidity or pouring down rain.  Sometimes freezing cold & pouring down rain.  But this year, ahhh....  weather bliss.  Blue skies without a cloud in sight & low to mid 60's.  It just doesn't get much better than that.  The sheepdog trials were fun to watch & the runaway sheep incident made them even more interesting.  The strawberry lemonade was to die for, even though we thought we might actually die from the number of bees circling the stand.  But what was best was the shopping.  Oh, the shopping!

I took my daughter along to keep me under control, but it turns out, she's an enabler, not a credit card protector.

As you can see, I was too excited about my new yummy yarns to photograph them before winding a few.  First on the winder was a wool/silk combo from Dirt Woman Fiber Arts.  I'm knitting their Monarch Shawl pattern which was free with the purchase of the yarn.

The next yarn to go on the swift was Blue Ridge Yarns' Colorburst in the River Rocks colorway.   Pre-winding, the skein had a lot more gold & browns in it & matched my State Fair hen colors perfectly.

I was SO excited to find this colorway and especially to find it made by Blue Ridge Yarns.  I've knit several other projects with Blue Ridge and have always been very happy with the results.  Even though the socks are turning out to be a bit bluer than expected, I'm quite happy.  Besides, there's nothing wrong with river rocks.

What is wrong is that, yikes!  I have to go get ready for work.  More about the other wonderful yarns & patterns in future posts.