Friday, September 26, 2014

Lacy Cables

I've made a little progress (with the emphasis on "little" on the lacy cabled poncho.  I wasn't sure how it would look with lace and cables, but I'm liking it so far.  I've frogged more rows than I've knit though.  I'm not sure why I'm struggling with it so.  I use this open lace pattern frequently because it's rather mindless & I can knit it in my sleep usually.  But not with this project.  I keep getting the yarn over rows mixed up with the knit rows.

Maybe I can't keep the rows straight because I've had something else on my mind...

Amazon has/had Inktense Blocks on sale.  A Serious sale with a capital S!  I've been wanting some but my lack of drawing skills just didn't justify the price.  This sale was just too good to pass up though.

Okay, so don't laugh at my tree.  Actually, I'm pretty excited about that tree.  It took all of about 5 seconds to scribble it onto the page.  Literally, it took me longer to get the color blocks out of the container than it did for me to scribble with them.  Anyway, I wiped a baby wipe over my scribbles to activate the water color aspect of the blocks and voila!  An autumn tree.

And, I may have finally taught Max to stop taking the used baby wipes out of the trash.  Look at his face -

He looks like he's been sucking lemons.

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