Thursday, June 26, 2014

TBT - The Barbie Jeep

Because yesterday was our 21st anniversary & I'm still all googly eyes for my husband, today's Throwback Thursday picture is spouse related.

Mike's Barbie jeep.  Although it was a total piece of cr@p, I loved that jeep!  Mike traded a canoe for the jeep back in the days of frequent fishing trips to the Outer Banks.  It was plastered with surfing & fishing bumper stickers & the cargo area had been sprayed with that foam insulation stuff so it acted like a huge, gigantic cooler.  The problem was, it barely ran & the floorboards were so rusted out you risked road-burn on your feet.  Sadly, Mike never did take it fishing.  Mostly, the Barbie jeep just took up space in our driveway & eventually, Mike traded it for new seats for  his pickup truck.

In knitting news, well, there's not a whole lot of news.  I finally turned the heel & knit the gusset for  the second Christmas sock.  I haven't had a lot of time to knit on it at work & I started a new at-home project that's getting all my attention.

The new at-home project is Allegro.  I'm not very far into the knitting of it either, but....   Allegro is one of those serendipitous projects that just seemed to fall from the sky when I needed it.  I knew I wanted to knit myself a simple dark blue cardigan but I didn't have a pattern in mind.  I guesstimated how much yarn I'd need & placed my KnitPicks order.  The day after the yarn arrived, an ad for Allegro showed up in my in-box.  It was the perfect pattern!  It was a simple pattern, yet has an interesting cable feature on the back.  The cable draws the sweater inwards at the waist which is also perfect.  (I have wide man-shoulders & I end up looking like I'm wearing a sack sometimes.)  AND, the pattern calls for the exact yarn & yardage I had ordered from KnitPicks.  Now, let's just hope the pattern's yardage requirements are correct.  Keep your fingers crossed!

As you can see, I'm not very far along on the project.  Actually, I'm further along than it looks like.  It's top down, all in one piece so although I've only knit about 8 inches, that's 8 inches on the fronts, back & sleeves.  I'm slightly worried because I've already used 2 full skeins, but again, those 2 skeins knit both fronts, the sleeves & the back.  I'm telling myself I'll have enough yarn & keeping my fingers crossed really, really tightly.

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