Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Move to the city

This city girl turned country girl is ready to return to city living.  Yes, the country life is relaxing and there's a lot less traffic & only one stoplight.  But the wildlife!  OMG!   There's just too much wildlife here.  Since the bat incident two weeks ago, I've seen more deer & rabbits than I can count.  Deer & rabbits are fine as long as I'm not trying to garden, which I'm not.  Due to the deer & rabbits, I finally gave up that ambition.  We've also given up using our front door due to the insistence of a group of hornets & wasps.  They are both determined to make our front porch their home.   I've also seen something large & dark with green, glowing eyes run across the road, a bobcat, a coyote and multiple snakes.  One of which was a large copperhead.  A large copperhead between our hot car full of groceries & our back door.  In order to protect the ice cream, we had to brave the wasps & hornets.  And then there's the bear that lives in our woods.  I haven't seen the bear recently, but he/she's out there somewhere.  And today, ants are trying to take over the house.  And let me tell you, nice, earth-friendly, non-toxic bathroom cleaning spray does not begin to work as well as Windex for killing ants.  The ants seem to be flocking towards it instead of running from it.  Perhaps it's the nice minty scent.  What ever.  It may clean mold, but it sure doesn't kill ants!

One more wild creature, just one, & I'm packing my yarn and moving back to the city!

In knitting news, I'm proud to say that I'm not suffering (badly) from second sock syndrome.

I had a rather fun day at work the other day & got quite a bit accomplished.  The day was spent training someone so other than about an hour of explaining what to do, the rest of the shift was spent sitting & knitting & being available in case the trainee had questions or ran into problems.  And because I'm a master trainer (in my own mind at least) she had no questions or problems.  Thus, I'm almost ready to start the heel.

Now, if I can only convince work that I need to train someone else, I may actually finish the Christmas sock before Christmas.

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