Saturday, June 14, 2014

Monogamous knitting

I recently blogged about my poor attempt at adulterous knitting.  It turns out, monogamy is the way I roll.   And after thinking about it, I really do live a monogamous life.  One knitting project at a time.  When I eat, I eat one food group at a time.  Unless I have mashed potatoes & peas; I like to mix them together.  Even when eating chunky soups or stews, I tend to pick out the chunks & eat one type of chunk at a time.  Back in my dating days a lifetime ago, I always dated one guy at a time.  I even obsess over my hobbies one hobby at a time.  I get on a reading kick & put down the knitting & read five or six books in a week.  When I took up running, I gave up knitting & spent my days preparing to run, running, cooling off from a run, reading about running..... And when I knit, I knit.  One project at a time.

If you want proof, take a look at my Christmas sock progress.  While trying to knit adulterously, it took me weeks to knit the first few inches.  I decided to go back to monogamous knitting & voila!  A whole sock.

How do you role?  Do you live adulterously or monogamously?

And an even better question, am I the only one slightly creeped out by mannequin parts?

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