Friday, June 13, 2014

Fun without yarn

I don't often have fun without yarn, but yesterday was an exception.  It was one of those miracle days that only seem to happen about once every 56 years.  My husband & I both had a work-free day.  On the same day!  And there were no plumbing or automotive issues to be deal with!  We actually had 20+ hours to enjoy each other's company.

We had no particular plans but knew we wanted to do something away from the house.  It was hot, humid & storms were predicted for the afternoon.  We decided not to bother heading towards the beach.  We decided we'd find a few winery's to tour but somehow in the process of searching them out online, the spouse ended up in the real estate section of Craigslist.  The river front section of the real estate section, to be exact.

Instead of touring winery's, we toured our future home site.

2.57 acres off a creek leading out to the Potomac River.

The pier permit is pending per the realtor, but Mike is standing where the pier would go.

The creek narrows considerably on the other side of what I'm already calling "our" property.   The land part of the property wasn't all that exciting to look at, but it's located at the end of the wide part of the creek & the house would sit facing out the creek & out into the river.

The neighbors are friendly.  This dog greeted us & hung out with us the whole time we were there.  I love the way he plopped down in the water.  I also love the way his butt fits perfectly in that spot. Sort of makes me wonder if that spot is naturally occurring or if he dug it out himself.

Now, if I can only convince the spouse that water front living is worth the extra 60 minutes he'd have to tack onto his daily commute....  Actually, it wouldn't even be an extra 60 minutes every day.  Depending on which area he was working in, some days it would save him about 45 minutes.  I really, really think we need to buy this land.  Besides, we've already sketched out the house we'd build & decided on what we'd name the dog we'd get to celebrate tidal water-front living.

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