Monday, June 9, 2014

Adulterous knitting

Adulterous knitting never works well for me.  I much prefer to be monogamous with my knitting projects.   I also have problems with decision making.  When I have multiple projects going on at once, I can never decide which one to work on.  I end up knitting a few stitches on one project, putting it down & knitting a few stitches on the next, then picking up yet another project.  None of them ever show any visible progress & I get frustrated.  When I'm frustrated, I start a new project.  It's a vicious cycle.

Lately, I'd reached the point of indecision where I'd almost stopped knitting.  Although I promised myself the Christmas socks (if they didn't turn out to be wine bottle bags) would be an at-work-only project, I decided to focus on them yesterday.  At home.  It was my day off.

Looky what happened.

It's a sock!  Or at least it will be.

I'm loving the way the self striping yarn is working with the stitch pattern.  It almost looks like entrelac.  It's not though.  It's just *k2, yo, k2, k2tog* repeated row after row after row.  It's so simple!


  1. You crack me up - glad to see you are discovering the joys of monogamy, although it sounds to me like you are going to be a serial monogamist. And yes, that does look exactly like a sock. Very cool. And congrats on getting your knitting life in order ;-)

    1. Thanks, Kate. Your'e right - I am definitely a serial monogamist!