Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Wild Side

A few more squares have been added to the mitered square "thing" but not enough to make it photo worthy.  So, instead of knitting pictures, here's a few of the wild life at my house.

A late afternoon visit by our neighborhood deer.

Mr. Bunny,

It's no wonder I can't grow anything.  The other day, there were six rabbits (that I saw) in our yard at one time.

And then there's this.

I'm totally freaked out by this animal den.  I'm convinced the black panther lives in there.

You'd think I'd be more worried about the wasps & hornets building nests on my front porch, but nope!  Black panthers actually worry me much more.

The other day, I was outside when a thunder storm was brewing & I took a few pictures of it rolling in.

The pictures were taken only moments apart & show how quickly the storm was forming.  I like the contrast in colors.

And, to take my mind off black panthers living in my yard....  wind chimes.

 I love these wind chimes!  We were at the beach on 9/11/2001 & brought these back with us.  They've hung on my porch, year round, ever since.

What kind of wildlife do you have at your house?

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