Friday, May 9, 2014

Summer Shame

In the cold light of day, this is what my summer looks like.

Summers should be a time for relaxation but instead of chilling out by the pool, I go to work.  I really do love the job, but the hours are long.  And daily.  So, during my short time not at work, I have time to put something away or knit another row.  Can you guess what I choose?

So, let's pretend this is a nice picture of the progress I'm making on my newest mitered square "thing."

So far, I've knit 62.75 squares.  At the moment, it's ten squares across so it's still table runner size.  I'm hoping I'll have the attention span to turn it into a blanket.  So far, so good.  I really do love knitting mitered square after mitered square from left over bits of yarn in many, many colors.  It never gets boring.  Okay, let's be honest.  It rarely gets boring.

What else is spread all over my desk?  Coffee & a computer of course.  There's the normal officey stuff like a printer, calendar, pencil holder...  There's the yellow lace poncho, the white pi shawl, both still waiting to be blocked; the Fair Isle scarf still waiting to be kitchnered then blocked, the rainbow chevron scarf which has been delegated to the UFO pile and a couple of headbands waiting to be photographed & listed in my Etsy shop.  There's a pile of Prisma Color markers, baby wipes & many, many how-to & art journaling suggestion books.  Four art journals, each of a different size & style because, well, let's face it - I'm indecisive.  (Have I mentioned how much fun I'm having with art journaling?  It's part of the reason I'm only 62 squares into the mitered square thing.) There's a heat gun & a box of Bandaids.   There's the vase of beautiful carnations one of my writing group kids gave me, as well as the awesome bracelet one of them made.  If you look closely, you'll see a teeny, tiny box that a friend made with her new laser cutter. There are multiple packages & flavors of crackers & a half a bag of potato chips.  There's a jar of peppermint sticks.  The crackers tend to be my lunch & the peppermint sticks tend to serve as dinner.  And there's my two clear "work bags."  Anything I take into work needs to be in a clear container, even my cup.  One work bag contains a couple of small knitting projects for those rare down times at work when not much is going on.  The other is my "purse" & contains all the normal things like gum, lipstick, Tylenol, an ipod (work allows me to listen to my ipod) and the chargers for my ipod, Kindle (I can read during down time too!) & phone.  Notice I didn't include a wallet.  Wallets are not allowed although debit/credit cards are.  It's a long story.  Rather than keeping my debit card in my work bag, I keep it in my i.d. holder which is attached to my key ring to ensure I don't forget to take it with me.  It's frowned upon to show up for work without your i.d.

Well, that's all for today.  I have to go in search of my key ring/i.d holder.  Notice it wasn't there on the desk.  Hmmm....  Where could I have left it?  I hope I find it quickly because I need to leave for work.

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