Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How I'd spend ten million dollars....

I came across a writing prompt recently that wanted me to explain how I'd spend ten million dollars.  Easily, I thought.  But I got to thinking, how would I actually spend that much money.  Yes, I could buy a football team & easily get rid of the whole ten million but I have no desire to own a football team.  What would I actually spend that money on if it suddenly landed in my lap?   It was harder to create a budget than I expected.  Here's what I came up with:

$1,000,000  for a sailboat & all the expenses that go along with a boat

$1,000,000 for a river house

$500,000 for a mountain cabin

$10,000 for yarn

$10,000 for books

$1,000,000 for my own yarn shop. (Owning my own shop has always been a dream.)

$100,000 for furniture for the two houses & yarn shop

$150,000 for clothes & jewelry

$500,000 for furthering my education

$20,000 for camera equipment

$5,000 for a new computer.  (I love my MacBook but it's starting to show it's age.)

$5,000 for office equipment/electronics (I could really stand to update every electrical gadget                       I own.)

$5,000 for business upgrades

$100,000 would go to charity

$50,000 for a new car

$1,000,000 for a European adventure

$800,000 for exploring the USA

$3,000,000 would be invested in hopes of living off the interest

$105,000 for health & well being (stuff like finally getting around to getting new eye glasses & running shoes...)

 $640,000 for other "fun" stuff like lunch with the girls, what ever catches my fancy, or if I've budgeted too low on anything else on the list.  After all, $10,000 for yarn may not be nearly enough!

So, how would you spend ten million dollars?

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