Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy belated Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday.  Mine was a little weird.  I never saw a single family member.  My daughter is still on her Florida vacation, the husband is working out of town, my son had to work the morning shift (he leaves for work about 2 hours after I get home from work,) I worked the evening shift (& left for work a few hours before my son got home) & my own mom passed away several years ago.  However, I received lots of virtual hugs from the family in the form of snail mail, phone calls & texts.  At work, all my co-workers & the "games kids" wished me a happy Mother's Day.  It was actually a pretty nice way to spend the day.  Work was slow so I had lots of down time to read, plus, I sort of felt like death warmed over.  I've been suffering from what I assume is pollen allergies.  I don't normally have too much trouble with them, but this year....  Phew!  I feel like I've been run over by six tractor trailers & dragged down the highway for a few miles.  And you should hear me try to talk.  My voice sounds like a 12 year old boy.  One minute my voice is weirdly deep then suddenly I'm talking in this high pitched squeak.  It's pretty comical.

At the end of the day, my boss gave me THE best Mother's Day gift.

Okay, so I know you are thinking I've totally lost my mind.  "THE best" gift is some used paper bags??  Well, actually yes!  They are deli paper.  Free deli paper.  Most with a super cute panda logo on them.  Knitters won't get it, but the art journaling world will.  The absolute coolest stuff can be created with deli paper & deli paper is (1) hard to find & (2) expensive when you do find it.  Free deli paper rocks!  Anyway, my department  head knew I got excited over free deli paper & saved a bunch for me.  How awesome is that?

Speaking of art journaling....

I'm still having a blast playing with gesso & paint.  I've made a new discovery though.  Gelatos.  They look like tubes of lip balm & anyone who knows me IRL knows how addicted I am to lip balm.  Gelatos are basically water colors in lip balm form.  How cool is that?  Way cool!  If you have the slightest artsy bone in your body & haven't tried Gelatos yet, do so.  Quickly.  Gelatos rock.  And when you combine Gelatos & deli paper.....  Words can't describe.

Okay, sorry.  This is supposed to be about knitting, not art journaling (although I may have to add art journaling to my tag line.  I really have fallen in love with the idea.)  As for my knitting, I'm on my 69th mitered square.  I think I was on the 62nd square in my last post.  Obviously there's not a lot happening in my knitting life at the moment.  And even less happening with my knitting to-do list.  I'm ashamed how behind I am on the knitting to-do list.  So ashamed, I think I'll go play in my art journal.   Playing in the art journal is a fantastic de-stresser.

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