Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ABC's of Knitting Terms

ABC's of Knitting Terms:

A = abbreviations
B = bind off
C = cables
D = dpns (double pointed needles)
E = entrelac
F = Fair Isle
G = gauge
H = Harlot, as in Yarn Harlot
I = interchangeable needles
J = join
K = kitchner stitch
L = longtail cast on
M = make one
N = needles
O = one-row buttonhole
P = purl
Q = quilt, as in The Beekeeper's Quilt
R = rows or rounds
S = short rows
T = three needle bindoff
U = unplied yarn
V = video's, as in the multitude of How-To videos found on YouTube
W = worsted
X = Xmas stockings
Y = yarn
Z = z-twist

Yes, I'm keeping it simple today.  And yes, I'm sort of cheating for the letters "V" & "X" but can you think of anything better?

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