Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bust a Move

Today's song is Bust a Move by Young MC.  Need I say more?

I've been enjoying headband knitting.

They are so quick & simple & best of all, they fit in a clear ziplock bag which is the only type of bag I'm allowed to carry into work.  I see a lot of headbands in my future.

During the ten minutes a day I'm both home & awake, I started another mitered square "thing."

It's too early to tell if it's a pillow, lap throw or a full sized blanket.  Honestly, I started it because the needles were on the desk, the tub of little left over stash balls was beside the desk & my feet hurt too bad from standing through out an 11 1/2 hour shift to get up & go in search of a real project.  It may quickly become a UFO because another mitered square "thing" is not on my knitting to-do list, but it is good, mindless knitting that holds my interest because of the constant color changes & it is the perfect after work calm down project.  On the next day off, I'll probably abandon this & go in search of something from the to-knit list.

Meanwhile....  Max is not crazy about the new camera.  He doesn't seem to like it being pointed at him & he gets shy when ever I try to take his picture.

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