Tuesday, March 18, 2014

TMI Tuesday - Irrational Fears

Today's topic - irrational fears.  Here are a few of mine:

  1. Black panthers.  Ever since I read the Little House in the Big Woods as a child, I've been terrified of the black panther that lives in the tree limbs above my head.  I know he's there, just waiting to jump on me the second I step out of the house after dark.  
  2. Escalators.  I hate those things and it takes me 15 minutes to work up the courage to step onto one.  And of course, the craft/art book section of my favorite bookstore is upstairs & requires a ride up the escalator.
  3. Spiders.  Thanks to Stephen King's Desperation, all spiders are giant, deadly brown recluse spiders and are out to get me.  In fact, just about every bug found in nature is a deadly brown recluse out to get me.  It is an irrational fear after all.
  4. Clowns.  They are just plain creepy.
  5. Sock Monkeys.  They are just as creepy as clowns.  It's something about that big red mouth...
  6. Chucky.  Actually, any doll that imitates a human older than an infant.  They are just wrong & completely freak me out.
So, how about you?  Do you have any irrational fears that don't feel so irrational when you can sense that black panther creeping up on you?  Specially when he's probably bringing his brown recluse spider friends with him.  And you just know they've banded together and are dragging some kind of creepy doll, clown or sock monkey with them.

In knitting news, the pi shawl continues to grow.  Slowly.

I'm on the third section with 288 stitches per round and working the pattern repeat 12 times.  So yeah, it's growing slowly.  But it is growing and the yarn is still happy to be becoming a pi shawl.

Meanwhile, it snowed again. 

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