Monday, March 10, 2014

St. Patty's Preparation

In honor of my Irish heritage, I'll be featuring/sharing a few of my favorite Irish songs and/or song writers everyday through St. Patrick's day.  Today's song is Wish You Well by Mick Flannery.  I recently discovered Mick Flannery & although his style is not what I generally think of as typical Irish music, I absolutely love his voice & thought his music would be a nice, calm way to start the week.

As for my knitting, the fair isle scarf continues to grow but at an extremely slow pace.  I ended up frogging more rows than I knit yesterday.  I will be so happy to see this scarf finished!  I sort of never want to do fair isle knitting ever again. There are only a few more pattern stripes to go though, so the end is in sight.  Assuming I don't have to frog the whole bloody thing.

For now, I'm off to consult the Irish cookbooks & make a meal plan.  How about you?  Do you celebrate St. Patrick's day with any special Irish foods?

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