Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sibling Rivalry

Do you suffer from sibling rivalry?  I think my sister hates me.  

My sister runs a gift shop in a retirement home & gifts from her are always in the form of a gift basket full of all kinds of fun goodies from her shop.  The baskets are always full of such wonderful surprises.  There might be an expensive piece of hand crafted jewelry, or there might be a cheap, plastic, light-up holiday piece of jewelry that breaks after an hour’s use.  There might be clothing or a purse.  A keychain or a candle.  A silly game or a book inscribed by the author.  There might be tins of nuts or special candy from our childhood.  You just never know what’s going to be in the basket, and that is what makes it such a fun gift to receive.

But this year, this year my sister set out to destroy me.  She gave me money soap*.   And then she proceeded to tell me a story about how karma pretty much guarantees you'll only get $1 if you cut into the soap to get the money out.  Darn her!  She knows I have absolutely no patience.  And I’m also determined that if I behave and use the soap as intended, my soap bar will be one of the few that contain $20.  I firmly believe this.  So, I wash my hands 100 times a day using the end of the bar that the money is closest to in hopes of rushing the process along.  I even go so far as to rinse the bar of soap off after each hand washing just so that I might rinse away a slight layer of soap.  I have been doing this since December 26th and look where it’s gotten me:

Not very far.  Waiting for that money to come out of the soap is absolutely killing me.  I’m pretty sure my sister knew it would have this affect on me & I think she hates me.

In knitting news, I’m still plodding along on the fair isle scarf.  I’m currently on the 40th pattern stripe.  Yesterday was spent knitting from sun up to sun down, although there wasn’t much sun involved.  It snowed.  Like crazy!  It blizzarded is a more accurate description.  And what a crazy storm!  The day before, Sunday, was 64 degrees and absolutely gorgeous!  Sunday evening, it clouded up & began to rain and the temperature began to drop.  By 3 a.m. it was sleeting and when I woke up on Monday morning, we had about 4 inches of snow on the ground & it continued to fall as well as the temperature.  In the late afternoon, it stopped snowing, the sun popped out and there was actually a rainbow in the sky!  Okay, a snowbow, not a rainbow.  Very weird!   By bedtime last night, the temperature was down to 3 degrees.  That’s a 61 degree shift in temperature in a 24 hour time period.  Welcome to Virginia’s idea of spring.

*Please note, the soap shown in the link above is not from the same company but it's very similar.  I, stupidly, did not make note of where my soap actually came from when I first opened it.  The soap mentioned in the link above comes from WWW.etsy.com/shop/TheBodyCareBoutique if you are interested in purchasing your own.

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