Wednesday, January 29, 2014


There’s nothing like a summer job to motivate me.  Remember me talking about my summer job    last summer?  Well, I decided to do it again this year.  I received my “processing” date & immediately entered panic mode.  First, let me explain.  “Processing” is another word for  taking a drug test plus the tortuous task of being fitted for my uniform.  Good Lord!  Do you think it’s possible to loose about 50 pounds over the next 8 days?  Facebook does keep showing me ads about how Oprah & Rachel Ray have both lost a ton of weight over a short period of time.  Maybe I need to go take a closer look at those adds.  Do weight loss drugs show up on drug tests?

Although “processing” is next week, I don’t actually start work until March.  So that gives me one full month to do a boat load of stuff.  If this season is anything like last season, I need to catch up on my sleep as well as store up some for the future.  I need to make sure the laundry is all caught up & the house spotless because neither will be touched again until next November.  Any and all custom orders I have on the books definitely need to be completed & shipped.  A summer’s worth of lunches with the girls need to take place.  It would be awfully nice to pack in a few date nights with the spouse too.  Maybe even some spend some quality time with the kids.  A new lunch box set needs to be purchased.  And that’s not as easy as it sounds.  All containers must be clear so that security can see what I’m eating & drinking for lunch that day.  (One of the joys of working in the money vault area.)  I could stand to get some exercise in so that being on my feet for 8+ hour shifts doesn't kill me.  A winter of sitting on my butt watching Netflix while knitting has not exactly helped my leg muscles prepare for that.  And then, there’s those pesky 50 pounds I wouldn’t mind loosing.  Good Lord.  My 8 page to-do list just jumped to about 12 pages.  

It's hard to believe I'm in Prepare for Summer mode when this is going on outside. 

Yep, more snow last night.  This time, they said we'd get up to one inch.  We got closer to four.  It's also a balmy 13 degrees at the moment.  Seems like a good day to stay home and knit.

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