Monday, January 7, 2013


I hope the new year is treating you well.  Rather than loosing those 10 pounds I swore I'd loose on January 1st, I think I've probably gained another 10 pounds.  But, the rum balls, cookies & all the other Christmas goodies are gone.  We are pretty much a healthy household once again, at least pantry wise.

So, instead of loosing weight, how did I spend the first week of the new year?  By sewing felt hearts.

Lots & lots of felt hearts.  I'm not overly mushy & the only reason for Valentines Day in my mind is to gorge myself on discounted chocolate the next day, but I love these heart ornaments.  I also love the idea of decorating my wine bottles.  And of course, they can be stashed away & used as Christmas tree ornaments too.  And what better Christmas ornament than one that doesn't need to be stored after Christmas.  Just take it off the tree & toss it over a wine bottle & you're instantly ready for Valentines.    Anyway, I made a zillion different ones & you can find them in my Etsy shop.  As of this moment, they aren't all listed for sale yet, but over the next week they should be.

Meanwhile, I've also been knitting on a fishnet shawl made with Lorna's Lace's wool in the Icehouse colorway.  I'm extremely happy with the shawl, except that I'm running out of yarn.  Instead of being large enough to go around my shoulders, it will be sized to fit an anorexic two year old.  I'm hoping it will stretch during the blocking process.

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