Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Tin Foil Christmas Wreath

So, everyone is making fun of my new, tacky, Dollar Store Christmas wreath.

I love my new wreath.  The moment I saw it in the store, I instantly fell in love with it.  I have no idea why.  It's totally not me.  My Christmas decorating style is much more Williamsburgy.  You know, natural wreaths with natural fruit & nuts on them.  Maybe a small red, tasteful bow.  Natural garland, real candles, bowls with fruit or nuts with a few sprigs of holly tucked in, and a single electric candle in each window.

The new wreath is not traditional nor Williamsburgy.  There is absolutely nothing natural about it.  It looks like it's made out of shiny green tin foil.  It is SO not me, yet I LOVE it!  It also doesn't hurt that it cost $1.00.

But the best thing about my shiny wreath is that the birds hate it even more than my friends & family.  In years past, we'd spend the entire Christmas season listening to the dogs bark at the birds on the wreath.  Birds apparently have Williamsburgy tastes too.  They do not like shiny green tin foil wreaths.  They don't nest in the new wreath.  They don't try to eat the shiny red tin foil berries off of it. They don't even land on it.  And since the birds aren't landing on the wreath, they also are not scratching or pecking at our door.  Even the spider that constantly hangs out on our front door no matter how many times we swat  him away is keeping his distance from this wreath.

I really love my new wreath!

In knitting news, the Infinity Shawl, uh, I mean Starry Night shawl, is now 30 inches long.  I managed to get a whole inch knit yesterday!  I'm on fire!

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