Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Silly dog

I'd forgotten how much our silly dog, Max, hates men in hats.

I've been working on a new hat design & finished it this morning.  I stuck the hat on Mr. Poser and proceeded to set Mr. Poser on the craft table.  Now, each time Max walks into the room, he starts growling & snarling.

The hat does need a name.  Maybe I should call it the "Max."  No, probably not.  But it deserves a better name than "kooky hat" which is what my husband keeps calling it.  He's not overly risky when it comes to fashion.  Anything beyond kaki pants or jeans with either a blue, white or flannel shirt (in tones of blue or brown) is "kooky" in his book.   A bright red hat with ear flaps definitely falls into his idea of kooky attire.  If you've got any suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

Last night, I finished a pair of cabled fingerless gloves that I made for myself.

I am going to LOVE these this winter!  The yarn is pure Alpaca & comes from a local farm.   Actually, the yarn comes from Sampson, one of Alpaca Pastures of VA's herdsires.  I'm pretty excited because I'll be meeting Sampson in a few weeks when our homeschool group takes a tour of the farm.   I bought this yarn when I met Sherry at a fall festival we were both participating in.  It's incredibly soft and I sure hope she has more available.  I've been kicking myself ever since for not also buying a few skeins of gray.  Frankly, I think I should own it all!

Don't forget - if you've got a hat name idea, let me know!

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