Saturday, October 27, 2012


Hurricane Sandy preparedness check list:

  • cars are full of gas - check!
  • extra gas & charcoal for the grills - check!
  • extra gas for the stove & fireplace - check!
  • a week's supply of water - check!  In fact, we have 3 weeks worth!
  • groceries - check!
  • soda, chips & chocolate (these don't count as groceries) - check!
  • booze - check!
  • Candles, matches & a hand operated can opener - check!
  • chainsaw tested & fuel available - check!
  • generator tested & fuel available - check!
  • chargeable electronics have been charged - check!
  • an over abundance of reading material - check!
  • an over abundance of yarn - check!
  • announcement on the Etsy shop warning folks I may be forced off line - check!
  • outdoor furniture, yard "art" & trash cans secured - check!
I think we are ready.  Oh, no, wait.  I still have to charge my phone.  Then we'll be ready.

Now for the big question.  Will Sandy hit us or go further north?  And an even bigger question - will it really snow on Tuesday?

And one more question.  Am I going to continue to have that song from Grease running through my head the entire 3+ days it takes Sandy to blow through here?  You know the song I'm talking about, .... "Oh Sandy...."

Stay safe & I'll catch you on the flip side.

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