Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy Update

It's looking like Hurricane Sandy will come ashore a little north of us so we'll miss the brunt of it.  We will be having lots of rain (I'm hearing 3 - 9 inches) and some wind.  Basically, the wind will be that of an average thunder storm (30 - 60 mph.)  The problem is, instead of having your average thunderstorm wind for the 10 or 15 minutes it takes for the storm to blow past, we'll be experiencing it for 24 - 48 hours.

At the moment, all is calm here.  Mostly.  We've had a few rain bands hit, it's much cooler today and a pretty stiff breeze is blowing.  But our windows are still open.   And the so-called sun-rise this morning was beautiful.  The sun didn't really rise - it was too cloudy to see the sun, but the light sure was interesting.  Between the angry dark skies and the yellow & orange fall foliage, the little bit of sun light that did make it through turned everything a beautiful golden color for 20 - 30 minutes.   Of course, my camera refused to see the pretty light.

I'm feeling fairly confident about power outages.  Our electric co-op is pretty good about responding quickly.  They've also spent the summer cutting back trees from the power lines.  They've done all they can to prepare.  Except, have they?  Take a look at part of their Facebook status this morning:

"We are prepared for prolonged outages and urge our members to do the same."

Sort of sounds like they are planning to take a few days off.  I'm sure it's just a wording thing on their part & possibly a lack of enough coffee thing on my part, but.....

Meanwhile, I'm wishing the storm would hurry up and get here.  I promised myself I would save the special Hurricane Junk Food for the storm, but the Doritos are calling.  Personally, I think they'd make a pretty decent breakfast.

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