Thursday, July 19, 2012


My health is finally making some progress and I'm pretty excited.  It may not sound like much to you, but I was able to sleep laying down last night.  I'm in the third week of this leg/back ordeal and last night was the first time I've been able to sleep laying down.  Up until yesterday, laying prone caused severe pain in my thigh.  And while I haven't been able to lay down, I also can not sit up in a normal chair.    That right angle position between my leg & back also causes severe pain in my thigh.  The only comfortable position I've been able to find is sitting in the lounge chair with the chair clicked back one notch and with three pillows under my legs.  I hate to be such a whiner, but three weeks spent in one position is rather tortuous.  If you don't believe me, try it some time.

But I'm making progress.  Two nights ago, I was able to go to three clicks back in the lounge chair.  And as I said, last night, I slept in a prone position on the couch.  Granted, there was only one prone position I could find that was comfortable, but one prone position is WAY better than none!   I'm also walking much better.  I can go much further and I'm standing up-right.  I was also able to shower yesterday without hyperventilating from pain.  Like I said, HUGE progress!

There's been a bit of progress with the knitting as well as with my health.  I finished the multicolored garter stitch shawl, and it's definitely long enough.  I think my previous approximate measurement of 100 inches was rather conservative.  I haven't accurately measured it yet, but let's just say it's oversized.
Once the shawl was done, I cast on, knit and finished a lacy cowl made with some stashed sock yarn.  And now, I'm back to working on the autumn mitered square table runner.  I should be in good enough shape to take a few photos in the next couple of days.

All I can say is thank God for my ability to knit.  If I didn't have a hobby I could do while I lay one click back in the lounge chair, I'm not sure I'd have survived the last three weeks.  The TV has been on for entertainment most of the time and all I can say is my God!  Based on daytime TV, I'm surprised there aren't a lot more suicides.  Daytime TV is AWFUL!   Our internet service comes with something like 400 TV channels.  At least 100 of those channels are in spanish.  I don't speak spanish.  Fifty or so of the channels are "music" which consist of either mostly naked girls grinding, bare chested guys grabbing themselves, or whiney country singers.  Another 100 or so channels are all showing the same three movies.  There are 50 or so channels where the guide says it's some sort of news, but in reality, it's a bunch of adults arguing with each other like cranky toddlers.  Ninety nine channels are shopping related and the one remaining channel shows NCIS reruns nonstop.  Guess which channel I've been watching.  Don't get me wrong - I like NCIS.  But I think I've now seen every episode from all nine seasons at least six times.

Okay, that's enough whining for one day.  Besides, I have celebrating to do.  I can walk to the bathroom without pain now!  I have knitting to do.  And NCIS is coming on...

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