Thursday, July 5, 2012

On Hold

The blog has been on hold recently due to a variety of things.  We had some massive storms blow through last week which knocked out the power for several days.  We've had lots of experience with surviving natural disasters and are pretty self sufficient, but the recent power outage kicked our family's butts!  Mainly because the storms weren't predicted.  Instead of the 3+ days warning we get for hurricanes, we had about 3 minutes warning.  Which means, we were low on groceries, low on gas for the grill, low on gas for the generator and for the cars.  It's not like us to be caught with our pants down like that.  But the worst part was the heat.  We were experiencing 103 degree days while we experienced the thrill of no air conditioning.

Anyway, there were several days when we didn't have power.  Once the power came back on, it was another day before our internet service was working properly.

Next up was July 1st & I spent the morning getting the car inspected.  The inspection that should have been done in June.  And of course, the car failed.  And boy, was that an experience!  Our normal mechanic couldn't do the inspection so I took the car somewhere else.  Somewhere I'll never go again.  Besides the weird, funky, very unpleasant smell in the place, the staff wasn't exactly friendly & at one point, the receptionist, who happened to be wearing fuzzy lime green bedroom slippers, put her head down on her desk and began to snore.

Anyway, the car failed the inspection and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.  And then my back went out.  I'm still not sure what I did.  I did pick up a rocking chair and carry it through the house, but the back problems didn't start until three or four hours later.  Suddenly, I was getting that wonderful twinge in the lower back when ever I twisted or leaned backwards or forwards, then my favorite sciatic nerve started singing.  Except instead of the pain grabbing my butt muscles & running down the back of my leg like normal, it sent the pain more into my hip area and grabbed the entire front of my thigh.  It's like having a massive charlie horse that never goes away.  On top of the thigh muscle spasms, when I stand up, I can't stand up all the way.  I'm bent way over.

I didn't do the Marvelous Monday post because I was busy with my failed car inspection & back pain pity party.  If I'd have gotten around to writing the post, it probably would have been about how much I appreciate our electric co-op and all they did to get our power restored quickly.

Since Monday, I've pretty much spent my time laying on the couch and moaning.  It takes me an hour to find a comfortable position where the muscle spasms can start to relax then about 15 minutes later, I cough, or reach for my drink and shift slightly or worse, I have to get up for some reason.  Then the spasms come back full force, I try not to cry and go through the whole process of trying to get comfortable again.

Needless to say, I haven't gotten much knitting done.  I've tried, but muscle relaxers aren't very conducive to high speed knitting.  Or blogging apparently.

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