Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is it finished, or is it not?

So, I'm wondering.....  What do other knitting bloggers do when they finish the knitting part of a project but still have a looooong way to go before it's truly finished.   As in, say, they have about two weeks worth of ends to weave in.  Do you consider your project finished when the knitting is done, or not?

I finished the mitered square table runner last night.  Or a least I finished the knitting part.  I'm dying to move it from the OTN list to the Finished list, but I know I have hours and hours of weaving in ends to go.  Part of me is afraid that if I go ahead & move it, I'll never get around to weaving in those ends.  Specially since another clue came out today for the Summer Solstice KAL.

By the way, Wendy, I'm pretty excited about the short sections of shawl we are knitting.  So far, at least.  At first, I was frustrated.  I knit the first clue and was left with the feeling of "That's it?  That's all I get to knit?  I don't get to repeat the pattern 80 times?"  But when I stopped and thought about it, I'm liking the short clues.  It means I can do the knitting during afternoon coffee or while watching TV one night.  It means I don't end up stopping my life for days and days or starving my family night after night because I'm knitting the KAL instead of doing what I oughta.  So, thank you Wendy.  And my family thanks you too.  At least so far.

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