Monday, May 28, 2012

Marvelous Monday - Palette

It's Marvelous Monday once again!  Today I'm worshipping Knit Picks yarn, Palette.  It's a fingering weight wool, it's cheap ($3.39 - $3.59 per 231 yard skein,) it comes in every color under the rainbow and it's nice to work with.  While the skeins themselves aren't extremely huggable, the yarn knits into nice, soft, pettable fabric.  The yarn also blooms nicely when washed.  It doesn't get that fuzzy halo that some yarns get, but it softens up even more and creates a wonderful fabric.  And did I mention how many colors are available?  And that it's cheap?  That's cheap as in inexpensive, not cheap as in some piece of plastic junk from Walmart.   Oh, and did I mention that you can frequently buy it for even less because Knit Picks is constantly having clearance sales on kits that contain the yarn?  I love this yarn and I have drawers full to prove it!   Ok, I have drawers and boxes full.  It's my go-to 'I need to yarn shop or my head will explode' yarn.  And did I mention all the pretty colors?

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