Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wishy Washy

It's been a pretty exciting weekend in the Wiant household.  First, the USBC youth bowling league season ended which means I now have my Saturday mornings free for a while.  Pretty dang exciting if I do say so myself!  Also exciting was that Zack won several awards for various bowling achievements and very nice plaque for having an over 700 series.  He's happy, I'm happy.  It's a good day in the Wiant house.

But most exciting, was the purchase of a new washing machine.  I'm not sure what it says about the patheticness of my life that I'm this excited over a new washing machine, but....  I am VERY excited.  While I enjoyed meeting new & exciting people such as rodeo cowboys, folks from the World Wide Wrestling Federation, or the interesting girl with the tattoo of a snake that came up out of her butt crack (yep, quite visible!) and presumably wrapped around her body because it slithered out of the top of her shirt, around her neck & down one arm, I am HUGELY excited to end my time spent at the laundry matt.   Hubby has spent the last six weeks ordering parts & replacing them on the old washing machine.  The old machine, which after only three short years decided to go bonkers & cop an attitude.  Rather than starting like it was supposed to when you pushed the "start" button, the status screen would either read "Err," "LOC," or I swear, occasionally "LOL."   I swear it said LOL!  Anyway, Hubby apparently hit his frustration limit yesterday afternoon.   Maybe the machine finally LOL'ed him too, I don't know.  All I know is that I was upstairs, he was downstairs replacing the most recently ordered part.  I heard some loud cursing, some banging, more cursing, a dull thud.  A moment later, hubby sweetly called up the stairs to me that we needed to go buy a new machine.  He'd gotten so mad at the old one, he'd shoved it out the back door & over the edge of the deck.  We now have a very nice metal container garden waiting to be filled.

In knitting news, the first of the twin baby blankets is finished & I'm about a third of the way done with the second.   Progress on the second one is a little slower than the first.  I guess the excitement of a new project is wearing off.  But it's coming along and I'm still on schedule, as long as I continue to knit 23 hours a day.  Thank goodness for Lost, Supernatural & Downton Abby DVD's.  They are getting me through the blankets quite nicely.

Well, I'm off to throw in another load of wash & knit a bit more.

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