Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Charity Knitting

I like to knit for charity, although I admit, I don't produce as much as I'd like to.  Over the years, I've knit more hats than I can count, teddy bear sweaters, baby clothes & blankets, socks, wash clothes and a few full sized afghans for charity.  This time, I've knit a shawl.

REACH, one of the homeschool support groups that we belong to, has a teen-led service project group, Teens Reaching Out or TRO for short.  One of TRO's service projects is raising money for cancer research.  Cancer research is near & dear to my heart since both my father & father-in-law died of the same form of lung cancer, I've lost a few aunts & uncles to various other cancers & my mom suffered from melanoma.  I offered to knit a shawl for TRO to sell or raffle off.

The photo is not great.  It was snapped quickly & in bad lighting, but hopefully you get the idea.

As you may or may not know, each type of cancer has a color associated with it as an awareness thing.  Think of all those pink breast cancer ribbons you've seen....   Lung cancer's color is clear, white, pearl or opal depending on which site you look the information up on.  When I was yarn shopping, there weren't any appropriate white yarns available so I chose this "Misty Taupe."  I'm pretending it looks pearlish or opaly.  The shawl has a beaded bind-off using "Gun Metal" beads.  Ok, so gun metal has nothing to do with lung cancer but I liked the color combination & the beads give the shawl a little weight & help it to hang well.  The bamboo/rayon/acrylic yarn knits up into such a light fabric that it almost needs the weight of the beads to drape properly.

My hopes are that TRO will be able to raise a bit of money from the sale of this shawl, that the moms will all want it for their nights out on the town and the teen girls will all want it to wear it with their prom dresses.  I know that I liked the shawl so much I knit a second one for the Etsy shop and now I'm thinking I might need one for myself.  I'm out of yarn though.  Pity.  I'll have to go yarn shopping.

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