Sunday, February 26, 2012

A busy week

This poor blog has been suffering from abandonment issues & I must apologize.  I’ve been busy though.  
I’ve spent some time at the bowling alley.  Check out Zack’s score:

Boy, that was hard to watch.  I get so nervous & excited for him when he starts racking up all those X’s.  The entire bowling alley gets involved, a quiet hush comes over the place and everyone gathers to watch.  Nothing like having to perform under pressure!
I also survived a typical week in February in Virginia.  On Sunday evening/Monday morning, we had snow:

And on Friday, the thermometer hit 85 degrees.  
Meanwhile, Hubby was working out of town all week and I’m proud to announce that I (A) lit the pilot light in the gas log fireplace all by myself (this winter has been so mild it was the first time we’ve needed it!) and (B) I killed a spider all by myself.  I’m full of self confidence these days!
I started a stealth project.  Can you guess what it is?

My baby boy turned 17.  I’m still not sure how that’s possible.  I like to think I’m 28 so the math is starting to get tricky.  Pretty soon, Zack will be older than me!  

As you can see, a birthday has not changed his feelings about having his photo taken.   And I was so happy to see that he dressed up for his birthday dinner out with the family.
And lastly, I’ve been busy knitting Easter eggs.

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  1. Wasn't it a crazy week? LOL
    I made the kids go out at night so I knew they'd get time in to actually play with the snow. It was a good idea too, the next day it was melting really fast!
    And I had to laugh at Z's face... my 12 year old never wants me to take his photo :D Maybe boys are like those tribes in the Amazon and think their souls will be stolen by the camera!
    I love the eggs!
    A couple of years back I made some really cute bunny egg cozies... I got the pattern from Etsy :)
    Now I am knitting myself a cardigan- 1950's style pattern. I hope to have it finished by Easter. For some reason I associate Easter with cardigans...