Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Oh, I could be in trouble.  Serious, serious trouble.  Up until now, bead shopping has consisted of wandering one aisle of either Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  Recently, a friend told me about two different stores, one to the north & one to the south, that sell nothing but beads.  Today, I went north.

Oh!  Em! Gee!!

It's a dammed good thing my kids were sitting in the car waiting for me.  If not for that, I'd still be in that store, 8 hours later.

I am SO going to take a jewelry making class!  Right after I finish knitting the beads I bought today into the donation shawl.

And of course, no photos.  I haven't made enough progress on the shawl to bother and by themselves, the beads don't look all that special.  I think they are going to look fantastic once knit into the shawl though.

Oh, by the way, the name of the northern bead store is Beads on Parade.

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