Thursday, January 5, 2012

Knitting Green

I'm so excited!  My daughter asked me to knit her something that's actually doable.  Normally, she finds weird items online that aren't knit to begin with but she wants me to knit her one anyway.  You know, things like a silk vampire cape, a beautifully patterned silk kimono, a heavily ruffled prom dress....   And she'd like it by this Friday, please.  In a color that no yarn comes in.  But this time, we were walking through the Hobby Lobby looking for a mechanical i-cord maker (long story...) and she picked up a ball of yarn & asked if I would make her a scarf.  A scarf!  In a yarn that's actually sold!  And a store has the yarn in stock!  And I'm actually in the store that has the yarn in stock!  OMG!

Ok, so it doesn't take much to excite me these days.

We got home, I handed her a stitch pattern book & suggested she pick 4 or 5 patterns that she liked.  The pattern that she and the yarn both seemed to like best turned out to be a simple basket weave.

Ok, not the best picture.  It's actually a pretty olive green, technically Moss according to the manufacturer. It's Yarn Bee's Andes Alpaca and quite hairy.   Which is partly why Sarah liked the yarn so much.  She figured you wouldn't be able to see the dog hair on it.  Nice.

I was going to crop the photo but then I decided to have a give-away instead.  If you can correctly guess what my screen saver image is & you leave me a message in the comments, you'll be entered to win a copy of The Art of Knitted Lace.  For unknown reasons, other than my passion for book shopping, I seem to have two copies.  Both appear to be equally used so I'm just grabbing one off the shelf for the give-away.  I don't guarantee it won't have a coffee stain or a pencil marking or two in it, but hey, free is free.  Right?   Ok, let's see.  Let's make the deadline midnight on Friday.  I'll announce the winner on Saturday, get the winner's address over the weekend & mail it on Monday.  Oh, and let's make this offer good to anyone located in the continental US.

How exciting!  My first give-away!

Ok, now, who's still trying to figure out why this post is titled "knitting green"?  Two reasons.  One, I'm feeling horribly uncreative and two, both the scarf and the sweater on the cover of The Art of Knitted Lace are both green.  It's a theme.

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